Bule Hora (Kilenso).


Bule Hora (Kilenso)

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VARIETAL Bourbon, Typica, Heirloom varieties
PROCESSING Natural and Washed
FLAVOUR Spicy Notes like Cardamom, Clove, Rue and citrus like blueberry, sweet lemon, papaya, Chocolate notes and Long after taste like Lemon grass.
BODY Medium to Full body
ACIDITY Medium to Medium Pointed or Sharp Pointed
RAW Small to medium sized bean, greenish or grayish in colour
HARVEST PERIOD October to january
EXPORT GRADE Gr. 1, 2RFA & ORG Washed. Gr. 1, 2RFA & ORG Natural.
PROCESSING METHOD Washed, Natural at station
ANNUAL PRODUCTION QUANTITY Around 25 Containers x 320 bags.
NUMBER OF MEMBERS Around 550 farmers
TOTAL PRODUCTION AREA Around 616.50 hectare
DRYING METHOD Sun dried on raised beds, on patio and by Drier machine
CUPPING ROOM With all Laboratory equipment’s