Our Vision, Mission and Value.

Our Vision.

To be the leader in innovation and quality among coffee producers and exporters while caring for the environment.

Our Mission.

We are committed to providing the finest high-quality coffee beans to our customers worldwide while forging mutually beneficial relationships with the community and the environment that we live in.

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee.

Coffee from its Birthplace

Kerchanshe sources coffee from nine different regions from Ethiopia - Sidamo, Guji, Yirgacheffe, Limmu, Bale, Harar, Djimma, Nekemte, Kaffa.

Core Values.

We adhere to our highest ethical values and conduct in our relationship with our customers, employees, the community, and the environment.

Using Sustainable Practices in Harmony with the Environment
Serving the Customer with Consistency, Integrity, and Excellence
Championing and Engaging our Workforce
Giving back to the community