Our Coffee Farms are beyond Farming

Kerchanshe owned coffee farms are not only an opportunity for us to implement best practices around producing quality coffee, we also bring our commitment to social and environmental sustainability in the surrounding communities


Debeka Farm is one of the main farms of Kerchanshe. Coffee is grown under a sprawling one-hectare greenhouse so that they are grown uniformly. All agronomic practices are computer controlled using smart techniques.

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Gelana Gesha

The Gelana Gesha coffee farm covers 1.5 hectares of coffee cultivation under the Greenhouse technique. In this greenhouse, every agronomic practice is computer controlled using smart techniques.

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Bale Mountain

Bale Mountain Farm is located in Arsi - Bale Mountains belt, which forms the southeastern Ethiopian Highlands that is above 3000masl. The farm is planted from 1,800 - 2,100 masl, though the land continues up to the mountain all the way to 2,200 masl.

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