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  • Location - Jimma Beshasha Processing Site
  • Altitude - 1,800-2000 masl

Farm : Jimma Beshasha
Producer : Israel Degfa
Rainfall : Minimum 1250ml - Maximum 2000ml
Soil Type : fertile volcanic red soil or deep sandy loam
Humidity : 60-75%

Jimma Beshasha Processing Site

The coffee processing site in Jimma Beshasha was established in 2016. Kerchanshe Trading PLC owns several processing sites in southern Ethiopia other than Jimma Beshasha.

What sets apart Israel Degfa and Kerchanshe PLC from other coffee exporters is that he runs the business while keeping the community in mind. So, there was widespread support from the people of Jimma as the processing site Jimma Beshasha was set up.

The farming community has benefitted significantly because they can sell their produce at a much higher price and there is much improvement in their standard of living. Besides, the farms are certified by RA/UTZ, ORGANIC, AND FAIR-TRADE STANDARDS.

Based on the certification requirements he provides the following key features to the community and the environment creating long term economic viability, implement sustainable working practices and procedures for coffee production, improve skills and provide employment, enhance the implementation of safe working practices to maintain the wellbeing of the workforce, create continuous and responsible management of the environment, maintain consumer confidence in coffee quality, minimize detrimental impact on the environment whilst conserving nature and wildlife.