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  • Location - Jimma Beshasha Processing Site
  • Altitude - 1,800-2000 masl

Farm : Jimma Beshasha
Producer : Israel Degfa
Rainfall : Minimum 1250ml - Maximum 2000ml
Soil Type : fertile volcanic red soil or deep sandy loam
Humidity : 60-75%

Site Description

Gomma Woreda is one of the pioneer coffees growing areas in Ethiopia. According to the oral tradition, coffee cultivation was started in Gomma around 1870's and spread to the rest of the then Gibe states

Gomma District is located 397 km Southwest of Addis Ababa and about 50 km west of Jimma town. The annual rainfall of the area is about 1400 mm, while the mean minimum and maximum annual temperatures of the Woreda 10oC and 25oC, respectively. The altitude of the district ranges between 1387-2870 masl. Kerchanshe trading PLC owns processing units at Beshasha and Agaor towns of the District.

Coffee Type

As early coffee domestication is believed to start here there is a significant volume of heirloom coffee but also mixed with the mew varieties of 4110 and 74112. The coffee is known for its perfect smoothness and balance; also fruity(peach) and floral notes are significant. This coffee is thought to be the variety closest in flavor to the original wild plant


Coffee production at Beshasha site is categorized as semi forest system. Farmers manage their farm under canopy of natural forests where there is a limited management practices like slashing weeds. Sometimes shade management and terracing is being done. The top of the forest is intact and deforestation is not allowed,

Processing Unit

Our Beshasha processing unit is located along the Gema stream river in 2010. About 631 farmers with total land of over 540 ha are working exclusively with us. Annually we process about 2.5 million red cherry within this unit. There is also a dry mill in Agaro town.

Sustainability Certification

The product from this site is certified with Organic (EU Reg, NOP and JAS), Rain forest Alliance and Fair-Trade USA certifications.