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VARIETAL Bourbon, Typica
PROCESSING Natural and Washed
FLAVOUR The brewed cup is distinguished by its well-balanced body (mouth feel) and noticeable winey and spicy flavours, often fruit-toned, pleasantly sweet and vibrant with floral overtones and Long after taste like Lemon grass.
BODY Medium to Full body
ACIDITY Medium to Medium Pointed or Sharp Pointed
RAW has small to large sized bean, greenish, greenish in colour
HARVEST PERIOD November to January
EXPORT GRADE Gr. 1, 2 RFA , Organic & Fair trade Washed. Gr. 1, 2RFA , Organic & Fair Trade Natural
PROCESSING METHOD Washed, Natural and others project coffee at station
ANNUAL PRODUCTION QUANTITY Around 25Containers x 320 bags.
NUMBER OF MEMBERS Around 560 farmers
TOTAL PRODUCTION AREA Around 568 hectare
DRYING METHOD Sun dried on raised beds, on patio and by Drier machine
CUPPING ROOM With all materials