Bale Mountain Farm.

Bale Mountain.

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Bale Mountain Farm is located in Arsi - Bale Mountains belt, which forms the southeastern Ethiopian Highlands that is above 3000masl. The farm is planted from 1,800 - 2,100 masl, though the land continues up to the mountain all the way to 2,200 masl, where there is a nature reserve home to birds and animals. The farm is surrounded by two big rivers which goes to Wabe Shebelle River and Forest Mountains. The farm is considered to be environmental friendly and sustainability coffee production and benefiting community surrounding the farm. The farm is covered and protected by tree shades that are grown around the farm which has a high role on water conservation and soil fertility enrichment and environmental friendly. The coffee collected from the farm is very attractive, dense, uniform, and extremely super in quality of taste. The bluish color of the bean which indicate top quality of it and gives a well noted distinctive cup characteristics of Nectar, fresh berries of raspberry, lemonade (lemon Balm), peach and also mixed chocolate and juiciness for naturally dried.

The farm is engaged in social responsibility activities like local road construction, nursery establishment and free distribution of best coffee seedling, school building and financial support during difficult situation during off season. Kerchnashe helps the Bale mountain farm communities to be a productive and positive place to live and work.

Region Oromia
Zone Arsi
District Nensebo
Village Munessa
Altitude 1950-2200 masl
Temperature during day time 18 up to 25
Temperature during night time 14 up to 20
Soil type Forest soil, volcanic red and rich in organic matter
Average rain fall per year 1250-1800
Harvest Time Oct - Dec
Harvesting method Selectively hand picking of fully red ripe cherry
Coffee Varieties used in the farm (74-140, 74-110, Geisha and local well adapted cultivars)
Shade Trees Albizia gummifera, permanent fruits, false banana and leguminous trees.
Processing Methods Washed / wet processing and Naturally Sundried

How We Process Our Coffee

Washed coffee Processing

Cherry selection is done by visual observation and then floated on tanker and hand picking is done. The coffee is fermented 48-60 hours in the fermentation tank. The waste water goes to a big reserved and well managed lagoon pool. Parchment coffee dry on African bed tables for 15 days. The parchment exposed to sun twice a day on good sun light, checking at morning and afternoon to ensure gradual equal drying process.

Sundried Natural coffee

Intensive Cherry selection are done by hand picking. Cherries are dried on African raised bed drying table for 18 - 22 days inside farm and milling done in the farm. Exported as specialty washed and naturals.