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Site Description

Ana Sora District has a distance of 410km from the capital Addis Ababa and 180km from Negelle (capital city of Guji zone). It is an area where mixed farming is a predominant economic activity. The community is produces cash crops like coffee together with cereals and other crop varieties. They also breed animals like cattle, horse, goat & sheep as their main stay and the area is known for its animal products.

The land is characterized with undulating land scape ranging between 1900-2350masl. The mean annual rainfall is about 1250mm. The temperature is cool and ranges between 10-20 degree Celsius.

Coffee Type

The type of coffee typical Ethiopian medium shaped green beans, white center cut even roast. And the flowering season is in march -April and the harvest period is October- January he coffee stood out because of its pronounced aroma of peach, mango, and other stone-fruits. blueberry/floral flavors, Super clean and silky texture. Powerful buttery texture. Flavors of sugar cane, maple, melon, peach. Some characteristic regional spice and wild notes. Sweet, long smooth finish. A great example of Ethiopian washed coffee at its best.


Similar to other Guji Coffee Growing Districts farmers in Hamballa grow their coffee in a complex agroforestry system with legume trees (like millettia ferrugnea, albzia spp) as main canopy trees. Inset(false banana) is always intercropped with the coffee plant. The high biomass(leaves) from the insect largely contributes to soil organic matter content and moisture retention. About 450 farmers are currently working with us, who deliver the red cherry directly to our collection sites

Processing Unit

The processing unit was established in 2013 with wet and dry mills and two ware houses. The unit is established at the southern water shade of Turo river. Currently about 2,000,000.00 red cherry has been processed at this site.

Suitability Certification

Anasora site has been certified with Rain forest alliance 2020 sustainable agriculture standard.