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Kerchanshe Trading provide a financial support for More than 2000 out growers Farmers


Coffee planted in Drip Irrigation system at Debaka Farm Site. One of the leading coffee producer & Exporter in Ethiopia- Kerchanshe Trading has provide a financial support for more than 2000 out growers coffee farmers. The support has given for those who live in western Guji zone, Bule Hora District and Gedio zone, Kochere District located in Oromia & SNNP Region, respectively.

Kerchanshe plays a countless role in socio- economical activities in a country. A case in point, access roads construction around the coffee farm, building primary schools, charities, job creation for youths & women, supplying covid-19 protection inputs in kind & in money, tap water supply, etc. Most importantly, the organization focusing on modernizing the coffee production and marketing system in & out of a country. This event is a part of encouragement & support for coffee farmers up to 30 thousands ETB per individual in get ready themselves for the coming production year. Due to this, the benefactor in turn contributes in suppling a quality coffee production for the inland & outland market to generates the intended hard currency for our country, too.

Ato Sahlemariam G/Medhin, a Public Relation & Communication Director of the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority (ECTA), said kerchanshe Trading is well known in confirming the producers’ benefits & sharing his benefits for a community, too. And, this affirmative deeds has to be sustainably continue in future as he said.

The Director added that the surrounding community at large must also recognized Kerchanshe’s role in improving the lives of the farmers and the sector, too. He also said that working cooperatively is an indispensable and existing culture for coffee production area. Ato Sahelemariam added that the government give special concern for coffee to benefit all who involves in the sector so enormous effort has tangibly done by ECTA. Among these, the out growers scheme directory is the one which is implemented mainly for the interrelation between farmers, suppliers and coffee producer investors for having dual & fair profits.

Surprisingly, the Debaka coffee planting farm site in drip irrigation system has to be encouraged and taken as a role model since this modern farming brings coffee quality & productivity and make the farmers as well as the producer (investor) more beneficiary, as the director said.

According to the government administrators of the District areas, the investor contributes irreplaceable role for farmers & the nearby community, too. In addition, the District’s Agriculture, Coffee & Tea offices and farmers themselves have also acknowledge the investor role & forward their positive witness. Finally, the CEO and owner of Kerchanshe Trading P.l.c, Ato Esrail Degefa forwarded his thanks for all of their comments given and react for some raised questions and finalized the program.

An Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Public Relation & Communication Team gave coverage in place.