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  • Location - Uraga Processing Site
  • Altitude - 1,800-2,100 masl

Farm : Uraga
Producer : Israel Degfa
Rainfall : Minimum 1259ml - Maximum 2100ml
Soil Type : fertile volcanic red soil or deep sandy loam
Humidity : 55-70%

Facts About Uraga

Uraga processing site is one of the chief processing sites of Kerchanshe PLC. It was established in 2015. Uraga processing site is in Uraga, one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Coffee is the leading cash crop in Uraga.

Coffee is chiefly grown by small landholding families at an altitude of 2000 and 2200 MASL. The farmers primarily use organic fertilizers for coffee production. The harvested cherries are then brought to the processing site and the parchments are processed at the enclosed wet mill.

Earlier Uraga coffee was trucked to nearby Yirgacheffe because farmers could find slightly higher prices due to a better reputation for Yirgacheffe coffee.

With the Uraga processing site buying the coffee at a fair price, the farmers no longer need not take their crop to Yirgacheffe. Moreover, they recognise the value of distinct coffee within them and realise they deserve their very own differentiation.

Coffee from Uraga is of exceptional quality entrenched with flavour complexity and a perfectly layered structure. It possesses all the distinctive characteristics of an heirloom Ethiopian, and in this case, a consistent and clean washed processed lot. The Uraga coffee has an overly complex flavour profile, packed with citrus and floral notes. Lemon, Red Grape and Peach are also evident, with Bergamot and Florals on the finish. It would be nice to expect a clean but intense flavour structure from this singularly exceptional coffee.