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Launch of “Buna Dhuga” - “The complete Coffee ERP Solution”


As said by American Philanthropist Rose Kennedy, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments’

Here we are today as a part of one of the moments that Kerchanshe is celebrating with the Launch of “Buna Dhuga” - “The complete Coffee ERP Solution” for effectively managing the day-to-day activities such as export, HR, Procurement, transport, warehouse and supply chain operations and many more…

As a first stepping stone, we are glad to share on the launch of Export Management module a solution completely derived and driven towards achieving in managing all the communication, documents and system of exporters with less manpower, saving time and is cost effective that in turn helps our company to grow.

Buna Dhuga, is carefully crafted, designed and developed for our business team to benefit and making it more customer centric to have a transparency established between us and the customer, that benefits each of us to have a win-win situation.

Today as we start with the lauch of the the Export management Module in Buna Dhuga a module in the ERP that captures all process starting from Ordering to Shipping is taken care by this. 

A few major highlights of this ERP are;


  • Allow the customers to see our latest prices on our website, and allows customer to receive price list to their emails on a day to day basis which makes them to order the right product line. 
  • Customer placing an Order/Contract, with our export team adding the status, Cert nos, Notes, Documents related to the orders, Shipping and container details to each orders, the customer gets email notification on each update, watch real time updates relating to the order using their designated log in on the customer area of the ERP. 
  • We supporting the global environment, with a vision of getting our foot set on to contributing to Carbon Foot Print, we have developed and are launching this software that eliminates all Email communication, Paper or Fax and the communication and with maintaining a history throughout on all communication that happens with all customers.
  • The Software is also developed with care to have a notes section associated with each Order/Cert Nos, acts likes an email chain, where all the communication (from and to) is stored based on the date and time with a facility to attach documents to the notes, which shall be easy for the customer and export team to retrieve them-anytime.
  • The solution allows to have the latest prices shared with each customer to their email with a facility for them to view at the customer area as well keeping the transparency. 

Business Team of Kerchanshe:

  • The bulk email future, enables Kerchanshe to broadcast any important message to all the clients with just one button click.
  • Any enquires put by the customer shall be shown in the Application, allows the Kerchanshe Export team can contact them back and track the enquiry and then close the business.
  • This Application helps the Export team and also the customers to track their order in one button click. There is no way that the documents are misplaced or lost.
  • Effectively improving the procurement of coffee with the generation and analysis of various reports generated by this Application
  • With the application hosted in Secured Cloud AWS servers, it allows all the users to access the data anytime, anywhere in the world.

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