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This coffee that makes us a little happier when you buy


There is one coffee that makes us a little happier when you buy than any other. That is the Adola EXTRA. Of every 250g box bought of this coffee, 3€ goes straight to the primary school at Adola in the Gujarat region, Ethiopia. 

Although public education is free at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels in Ethiopia, only about 60% of the children go to school. Approximately 2.6 million children of primary school age are not in school, of which 43 per cent are boys and 57 per cent girls. Only 25 per cent of secondary school-aged children are enrolled in secondary school. Traditional gender norms, a high burden of domestic work, especially for girls, long distances to school are some of the barriers to education. Many of the out-of-school children are from pastoralist, internally displaced or refugee communities (Unicef). 

The Adola School is built by Israel Degfas non-profit sustainability company called Nakala. Over the last couple of years, Drop Coffee has contributed to all the furnishing of the classrooms and supplying educational books. 

If you would like to support the Adola school, follow the product tag in the last two pictures in our Photo Gallery or visit

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