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Suez Canal blocked: What the mishap in one of the busiest shipping lanes means for the world

Millions of gallons of oil and millions of tonnes of goods are being held up by a mammoth vessel blocking the key shipping route. A giant container ship remained stuck sideways in Egypt's Suez Canal for a fifth day Saturday, as authorities prepared to make new attempts to free the vessel and reopen…

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Farm Visit by Cocar Coffee

Recently Cocar Coffee visited Kerchanshe PLC to taste the best of our coffee beans. As a company who attaches particular importance to quality from grain to cup Cocar partners only with certified coffee farms in the country of origin.  Similarly, Kerchanshe PLC. enjoys a symbiotic relationship…

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This coffee that makes us a little happier when you buy

There is one coffee that makes us a little happier when you buy than any other. That is the Adola EXTRA. Of every 250g box bought of this coffee, 3€ goes straight to the primary school at Adola in the Gujarat region, Ethiopia.  Although public education is free at primary, secondary,…

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Celebrated our 6th Annual Meeting at Djimma

We celebrated our 6th Annual Meeting at Djimma - the birthplace of Coffee on 5th September 2020. It was an entertaining evening where we celebrated our accomplishments from 2019 to early 2020, recognized our award winners, and shared our vision for the future. View more at our Photo gallery

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Kerchanshe Trading provide a financial support for More than 2000 out growers Farmers

Coffee planted in Drip Irrigation system at Debaka Farm Site. One of the leading coffee producer & Exporter in Ethiopia- Kerchanshe Trading has provide a financial support for more than 2000 out growers coffee farmers. The support has given for those who live in western Guji zone, Bule Hora…

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Ethiopian Coffee: Opportunities and Constraint

Ethiopia is the largest coffee producing and exporting nation of Africa accounting for around 25 percent of the total export earnings and livelihood of 15million coffee farmers. Most of these farmers grow coffee trees alongside crops like bananas or beans in small parcels of land. For many of these…

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