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Locust swarms has hit Ethiopia

A new round of locust swarms has hit Ethiopia and is again threatening coffee crops and food security. The fast-moving swarm is threatening coffee crops in a country where more than 80 percent of the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood, Farmers struggling to get out of locust by…

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Kerchanshe Origin Trip – Coffee Expedition

Participants came from different countries of Holland, London, Russia, Asia, and Ethiopia. Visited areas and works: Major specialty coffee producing areas from Ethiopia (Kerchanshe Coffee Guji Adola and Anasora) and coffee farms. The culture and challenge of producers, the way coffee processed,…

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Organic packing for Coffee Beans

We use 100% all our shipments food Grade Jute bag, specially made for coffee beans. Coffee sacks treated by vegetable oil are odorless and keep the aroma of coffee intact. Jute bags are the most cost-effective green bean packing option, which explains why they are so often used. They are also durable…

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Trip to Adola

We are so proud to host you here in the home land of coffee, Which is the home of all human beings as well as sharing experiences in both side coffee production, challenges, opportunities. Kerchanshe we will never forget this trip to #Adola. Thanks for Coming.

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Building school for our out growers community

Across rural Africa, many children have to choose between getting an education and being safe. Without classrooms, they are forced to study under trees, in all weather. They are exposed to the elements, distracted, and unable to learn. We care about our coffee out growers community life @ killinsomokonisa.…

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Green vision for Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s vision for a climate resilient green economy. This vision asserts that building resilience to avoid damage to the economy depends on understanding the threats and the priority areas for focusing adaptation efforts. It makes the case for why a carbon neutral and climate resilient…

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