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Kilenso Mokonisa

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Site Description

Kilenso Mokonisa is one of the west Guji zone woredas known for its unique coffee worldwide. Kilenso which is 467KM South of the Capital city of the country (Addis Ababa) and 10km far from the zonal town (Bule Hora) is located at altitude of 1900-2000masl.The annual rain fall ranges between 1100-1400mm. Kilenso relatively hot with mean annual temperature of 15-37co. Over 130 000 ha of land is believed believed to be covered by garden coffee.

Coffee Type

Kilenso Mokonisa coffee is heirloom variety known for its exceptional flavors; small rounded beans with Spicy Notes like Cardamom, Clove, Rue and citrus like blueberry, sweet lemon, papaya, Chocolate notes and Long after taste like Lemon grass with medium to full body and mild pointed to sharp pointed acidity.


The out rowers are producing a garden coffee, where coffee is grown under canopies of large legume shade trees. The coffee plant; together with enset(false banana the staple food of the community) and other fruit trees, form a complex agroforestry system where material Sycle maintains farm nutrient supply. The coffee flowers in months of March, April and May. Harvest starts in Octoberr and runs until December. About 460 out growing members are exclusively delivering their red cherry to us in annual bases. Our farmers reside in Burka Ebela, Saraji ,Habude Madana and Kilenso Mokonnisa Kebeles.

Processing Unit

The wet mill is established on the course of Koche River in Kelenso Mokonisa Kebele. In addition to the wet mill we own a dry mill in Burka Ebela Kebele.The total production per year is estimated at 4,000,000kg red cherry per year.

Suitability Certification

Kilenso Mokonisa site has been certified with Organic (Eu Regulation, NOP Final Rule and Organic JAS) and Rainforest Alliance2020 sustainable agriculture standard