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Hamballa Wamenna

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Site Description

Hamballa Wamenna is one of the Districts in Weset Guji Zone of Oromia regions. The District is located at about 467KM South of Addis Ababa and bounded by North Haro Walabu from North, from South direction by Kercha, from East with Odo Shakiso and from direction by Gedeb Districts. Hambella is located at higher altitude within a range of 2000-2800 asl. The annual rainfall is over 2200mm with almost an even distribution throughout the Year.

Coffee Type

The type of coffee is an indigenous arabica heirloom variety, typical guji Coffee with medium shaped green beans, white center cut even roast. The coffee is characterized by Juicy soft mouthfeel; tobacco aroma, with flavors of blueberry and chocolate. A significant and complex fruit penetration without being overwhelming.


Similar to other Guji Coffee Growing Districts farmers in Hamballa grow their coffee in a complex agroforestry system with legume trees (like millettia ferrugnea, albzia spp) as main canopy trees. There are 874 small scale farmers who exclusively supply their product to Kerchanshe trading company. The farmers are located Haro Sorsa, alaka Korchena and Tirtira Goyo Kebeles. The flowering season is in March -April and the harvest period is October- January

Processing Unit

Our Company owns 3wet mills (at Dakabor, Alaka and Tirtira Guyo) and 3 dry mills (at dakabor, Dari Kidame and Dimtu Magala sites. Dakabor is our main station and found along the Rafisa river course. The sites were established in 2010. The processing units have the combined capacity of processing 5,000,000 kg red cherries annually.

Sustainability Certification

Our Hambella site has been certified with organic certifications including EU Regulation, NOP Final Rule and Organic Jas.