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Nensebo District is found 385 km south of Addis Ababa and 135 km from Shashemenne, the capital of the West-Arsi Zone. Werka is the administrative center of the district. Nensebo is located between 6°35' N and 39°10'. The District of West Arsi is one of the finest coffee hubs in Ethiopia. The district which is found at the southern West periphery of West Arsi, is characterized by mountain range type of land form. Our Bale mountain coffee farm is located within this district. Bale mountain coffee farm is a shade coffee plantation established by 2013.

Coffee Type

The type of coffee is arabica heirloom; typical Sidamo type. The brewed cup is distinguished by its well-balanced body (mouth feel) and noticeable spicy flavors, often fruit-toned, pleasantly sweet and vibrant with floral overtones medium pointed acidity, and Long after taste like Lemon grass. The fruity tone is more of dried figs, berries and under tone of chocolate


About 3132 farmers with total land holding of 3245 ha are exclusively working with us. The farmers grow their coffee under traditional agroforestry system under legume canopy trees. The coffee is intercropped with inset (false banana) the staple food in the broader south region. The coffee flowers in February and march. The harvest season extends fro mid-October to early weeks of January.


We own 2 wet mills and a dry mill at West Arsi. Mokonisa Bulga Wet mill, Nensebo Solena wet mill and Gibe Agro industry dry mill Sites are sourcing coffee from our outgrowing farmers and process it. The combined annual processing capacity of our West Arsi sites is over 15,000,000 kg of red cherries.

Suitability Certification

West Arsi sites and the associated farmers plots are certified with Organic certifications, including EU Regulation, NOP final Rule, organic Jas and COCEA. In addition, the farm is audited and certified with the New rain Forest Alliance (2020 Sustainable agriculture Standard).