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Aleta wondo which is part of the newly founded Sidama Region is located in South Central Plateau at the approximate distance of 340 km for Capital Addis Ababa. Aleta Wondo is characterized by highl,and weather condition with elevation rages from 1700-2500masl. The pattern of rainfall distribution is bimodal. The short rainy season lasts from mid-November to February whereas the long rainy season is during summer and it extends up to October. The mean annual rainfall ranges between 1200-1600mm.the temperature range is 18-21℃. The soil type is majorly of nito sol which is favorable for coffee production.


The out rowers are producing a garden coffee, where coffee is grown under canopies of large legume shade trees. The coffee plant; together with enset(false banana the staple food of the community) and other fruit trees, form a complex agroforestry system where material Sycle maintains farm nutrient supply. The coffee flowers in months of February, March and April. Harvest starts in September and runs until end of October or sometimes up to Mid-December. About 397 out growing members are exclusively delivering their red cherry to us in annual bases.

Coffee Type

The coffee type is a medium shaped green beans typical Sidama Type; with white center cut and even roast characteristics. The coffee is distinct form other Ethiopian arabica coffee as it ripens slowly, forming rich flavors and fragrances with citric aroma spicy and sharp acidity.


Our Company; Kerchanshe Trading PLC, owns a coffee processing site at Boicha River Course; in Bulesa Kebele of Aleta Wondo Woreda. The processing unit has been functional since 2021 As mentioned earlier we collect red cherry for our outgrowing farmers. We process the red cherry in to parchment coffee. The annual production is over 1,700,00kg parchment coffee annually.